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Eugene L. Mendonsa, Ph.D

My Resume
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Present Position:



Past Positions: 

Director of Workshops, Ann Templeton Studios.  Dr. Mendonsa, who paints under the name “gino,” works in oil, acrylics and watercolor.


Staff Writer, Southwest Living Magazine


Adjunct Professor of Anthropology, University of Colorado - Boulder


Research Associate, Centre for African Studies, Cambridge University, UK


Professor and Senior Instructor, Anthropology Dept., University of Colorado–Denver.


Applied anthropologist, Action Anthropology, Inc. Doing training seminars and consulting for Fortune 500 companies on cross-cultural communication.


Board member, Mali film project, Women's Studies Center, BYU.


Adjunct Associate Professor, Anthropology Dept., BYU.


Director, African Studies, Brigham Young University.


Director, International Negotiating Institute, a division of QCI, International, a management training company. Published over 50 articles on business negotiation and cross-cultural business. Wrote 12 workbooks and created numerous multi-media presentations. Involved in sales, marketing and promotional activities. Specialties include:

International business practices, negotiation, TQM principles and The Learning Organization.


Professor of Anthropology, UCLA. Taught social anthropology. Wrote grants and carried out research projects in Portugal and Africa. Acted as a development consultant for aid agencies doing third world development projects. Wrote and published The Politics of Divination and thirty journal articles.


Lecturer in Anthropology, Ahmadu Bello University, Nigeria. Taught sociology and social anthropology. Conducted research in Nigeria and Ghana.


Interspersed with my graduate studies I was a Lecturer in Anthropology/Sociology, University of Wisconsin.



1970-1973 – Cambridge University, Cambridge, England. Ph.D., Social anthropology.  Thesis advisor- Professor Meyer Fortes. Studied with Professor Sir Edmund Leach and Professor Sir Jack Goody.


1964-1969 – BYU, Provo, Utah. B.Sc., Anthropology. M.Sc., Sociology.


Research Projects


1970-71 Ethnographic research among the Sisala of Ghana


Summer, 1975 Ethnographic research among the Sisala of Ghana


Summer, 1977 Ethnographic research among the Sisala of Ghana


1979-80 Ethnographic research among the fishermen of Nazaré, Portugal.


May-August, 1998 Research on women’s roles and farming among the Sisala of Ghana. Also shot film footage which is being edited into three ethnographic films entitled: Sisala Divination: The Mystic Tradition (completed) and Emerging Sisala Women. A third film is planned, Changing Sisalaland.


May-August, 1998 Supervised an ethnographic field school with seven students from BYU in Northern, Ghana.


In addition to the three films, I helped supervise the filming of the Bambara Women of Mali project, Women's Research Center, BYU.


Applied Anthropology Training Courses Created


July, 1984 to present – Negotiating Overseas (a course with numerous country modules); Win-Win Negotiation; Partnering Skills for Buyers and Suppliers; The Learning Organization; Total Quality Management; Beyond Total Quality Management; Supplier Certification. Wrote many business articles on international business practices and negotiation.


Countries Where Worked


Brazil, Portugal, England, Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Namibia, Moçambique, Swaziland, India, Puerto Rico, Germany, Italy and the USA.



1969 Reward and deviance at Brigham Young University. A master’s thesis in sociology, BYU, Provo, Utah.


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1973b. Review of The Myth of the Bagre by Jack Goody. Man 8:1:126-7.


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1975b "Characteristics of Sisala Diviners." In A. Bharati (Ed.) The Realm of Extrahuman Agents and Audiences. No. 56 in Vol. 96, World Anthropology. The Hague: Mouton.


1975c "The Journey of the Soul in Sisala Cosmology." Journal of Religion in Africa. 7:1-9.


1975d "Functions, Contingent and Universal. Man 10:3:474-476.


1976a "Elders, Office-Holders and Ancestors among the Sisala of Northern Ghana." Africa 46:57-65.


1976b "The value of Children in Sisala Society: Implications for Demographic Change." Paper presented at the XVth International Seminar on Family Research, Lome, Togo, January.


1976c "Aspects of Sisala Marriage Prestations." Research Review 9, 3:23-56.


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Savannah: A case for Northern Ghana." Proceedings of the First International Conference on Energy Use Management, New York: Pergammon Press.


1977d "The need for a new development economics" Anthro-Tech: A journal of speculative anthropology, 1:3:12-15.


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1982a The Politics of Divination. Berkeley: University of California Press..


1982b. Turismo e estratifição na Nazaré (Tourism and stratification in Nazaré [Portugal]). Análise social xviii:2:311-29.


1985 Win-Win Negotiation


1987 Negotiating Overseas


1988-Feb* "Countermeasures to the Seller's Pressure Tactics". Utility Purchasing and Stores.


April "Be a winner: How to negotiate overseas". Automation Weekly.


Aug "Como Negoçiar en el Exterior". Notivest.


Aug "How to do business in Latin America". Purchasing World.


Sep "Tactics to use when Negotiating". Manager's Magazine.


"Tactics for Negotiating". Industrial Glass Digest.


"Negotiating – the Key to Professional Success". Marketing Mix.


Fall "Eleven ‘Commandments’ of negotiation’". Virginia Review.


Oct "Global Trade: It's negotiable". The Packer Weekly.


Oct "Coming to terms with ‘Rubber Time: Marketers who understand the culture will achieve the greatest success in a developing country’.

Business Marketing 74:10:66-69.


Nov "Steps to Successful Negotiations". Small Business Report.


Nov "Tactics to use when Negotiating". Canadian Manager.


Fall "Eleven `Commandments' of Negotiation". Virginia Review.


1989-1993 Spoke to thousands of business professionals throughout the world on management practices, TQM, supplier certification, negotiation, cross-cultural communication. A frequent keynote & after-dinner speaker. Taught & coordinated hundreds of workshops.

Sample workbooks include:


1990 Understanding the Americans


1991a Persuasive Negotiating Skills


1991b Understanding the Italians


1992a Creating Lasting Buyer/Supplier Relations


1994 "Supplier Reduction for Better Quality". Quality Digest May. 87-88.


1996 "Flying through a Bored Mind". The Galley Proof. Third Quarter:6-7.


1999 "Blood on the tractor". Anthropology and Humanism. June issue. 24:1:63-64.


2000a. Ethnographic film: Sisala Divination: The Mystic Tradition. PBS.


2000b. 2000. What does anthropology have to offer in the solution of the world's problems – Are we kidding ourselves? High Plains Applied Anthropologist 20:2:185-192.


2000c. Fishing For Clues: A Murder Mystery. (Fiction). New York:

Writer’s Club Press.


2000d. The Politics of Divination. (reprint). Lincoln, NE: Author’s Choice Press.


2001a. Continuity and Change in a West African Society:

Globalization's Impact on the Sisala of Ghana. Durham, NC: Carolina Academic Press.


2001b. Ethnographic film: Emerging Sisala Women. BYU Motion Picture Studies, Women’s Studies Center and Utopia Production, Inc.


2002a. West Africa. A college textbook. Durham, NC: Carolina Academic Press.


2002b. The Song of the Bird. Fiction about Africa. Anthropology and Humanism.


2004. A note on Issues of Family in Northern Ghana and Modern Day America.

Cambridge Anthropology 23:4:75.


2006. "A New Mexico Encounter," Southwest Living,  pp. 28-29


2007. Color and Beyond, with Ann Templeton. Albuquerque: Fresco Art Publications.


2007. Portrait of a dog as a young artist and other short stories. New York:


2008. The Scripting of Domination in Medieval Catalonia: An Anthropological View. Durham, NC: Carolina Academic Press.



*My business publications are too numerous to list. This is a sample to give you a general idea of the subjects. I have been quoted in the following business publications:


Global trade executive Journal of commerce


The purchasing professional Boardroom reports


Business west Phoenix business journal


The United States banker Design engineering


Mid-Atlantic purchasing Applied artificial intell. reporter


Automotive executive Corporate accounting


Glass industry Building services contractor


Handling & shipping management Arizona business gazette


Chemtech Utility purchasing & stores


Electrical apparatus Florida shipper


Canadian poultryman Machine design digest


Great lakes boating Tooling & production


BOMI newsletter Laundry news


Branch bankers report Food promotions


Milwaukee area purchaser Sling technology


ABC communication world Direction monthly


TE&M monthly Production Supervisor’s Bulletin


APAA marketing report Good packaging magazine


Refrigeration monthly Elevator world


Distribution Industrial distribution


CAS retailer Minnesota tooling & machining


Home lighting & accessories Diesel Equip. superintendent


Industrial machinery news Dartnell Sales/Mktg. newsletter


Canadian packaging Air condition., heating, refrig. D.


Die-casting management Utility, purchasing & stores


Electronics business Electronics today


IABC communications world Public relations news


The brewers bulletin Daily commercial news


Ohio valley retailer Gifts & decor journal


The engineer of California Material handling wholesaler


Administrative management Maryland purchasing journal


Purchasing management digest Rubber & plastics news


Kansas/Neb beverage news Wire rope news


Shop monthly Production engineering


Elastomerics monthly


D. F. technology monthly


The Ragan Report


Engineering monthly


Western HVACR news Western cleaner/laundry news