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Eugene L. Mendonsa, Ph.D

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Dr. Mendonsa

I am a graduate of Cambridge University
in England and an ethnographic specialist in African
  Some of my photo art resides today in the
Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C. 
My graphic art has been used in college textbooks. 
My documentary film has been shown on PBS and
other television venues.  My oil, acrylic and watercolor
paintings hang in galleries, private collections and in
institutions.  Click here for some examples of my art.

Another interest of mine is writing, both academic works and fiction.  I am the winner of the 1998 Victor Turner award for academic writing.  
Click here for some examples of my writings.

Yet another passion is fly-fishing (or any kind of fishing, really.  I am not a fly-fishing snob).  This includes tying my own flies.  I am a former fly-fishing guide, doing this on breaks from teaching college.  Now retired, I have the luxury of neither guiding nor teaching college and pursue the fish whenever I can. 
Click here for some examples of my fishing endeavors.


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